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Businesses - Retirement Plan Support

Offering and maintaining an effective company retirement plan can seem burdensome.  We help organizations ensure this important benefit is designed and run effectively.  Financial Planning based education services help employees take full advantage of their retirement plan benefit. 

We can assist organizations with the following types of Retirement Plans:

SEP's and SIMPLE's




Non- Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

We utilize a proactive and comprehensive approach to assessing and managing your retirement plan.  We assist companies in the following areas:

Plan Design:  Review of current design to ensure it effectively meets the goals of the business owners and employees.  Assist in identifying key goals and designing a plan that supports them.

Vendor Benchmarking and Fee analysis: Review current service providers to ensure fees and service are compatible.  Assist in benchmarking comparisons and RFP's.  

Investments:  Review of current investment choices, investment providers and investment advisory process.   Assist with Investment Policy Statement and ongoing analysis of investment lineup.

Fiduciary Responsibilities: Review fiduciary guidelines.   Assist in implementing fiduciary best practices and processes.

Employee Education:  Review of company resources.   Create an Education Policy Statement.  Assist service providers in providing onsite enrollment and educational meetings.

Interface with service providers:  Review roles and responsibilities of  Recordkeeper and Third Party Administrator.  Interface on behalf of the Plan Sponsor to ensure seamless plan operation.