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Our approach to wealth management is thorough, holistic and customized. Ultimately our clients' needs and goals determine the scope of our work. WMA Colorado has several working engagements designed to set expectations and define the appropriate working relationship.

Investment Advisory Services

Whether handling one's own investments is manageable or overwhelming, we can help. As independent financial advisors, we are not limited nor influenced by proprietary product offerings. We have full access to investment vehicles, strategies and solutions for clients looking for a partner in the process as well as clients that want to outsource the job completely. Strategies, recommendations and expenses are dictated by asset amount and objective.

Financial Planning Services

Sometimes a change in circumstances or an unexpected life event can create financial questions that require analysis and answers. Additionally, there is confidence to be gained when new situations present themselves and one has a plan in place to assist in making new decisions. At these times, working with a Certified Financial Planner TM can help offer relief and clarity. We offer holistic hourly or fixed fee financial planning services .

Wealth Advisory Services

For investors and families that want assistance managing investments and the clarity in knowing how all the pieces fit together, initially and as they change, We offer comprehensive Wealth Advisory services. This engagement combines Investment Advisory Services with Financial Planning Services to give individuals and families the confidence of having a trusted partner. Comprehensive Wealth Advisory Services are available for a quarterly fee based on assets under management.